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A single half hour free video call introduction can start to give direction and understanding of how to redesign or even remodel your home.


If you are looking to buy a home

we can provide friendly, professional advice on key things to look out for and how to see the potential.


From your first half an hour consultancy

you can then choose by the hour video calls to continue your consultation and idea sharing or start to develop your ideas into a design or project.


The best part

is that we can give you all this e-advice remotely through webcams which makes our service fully flexible and agile.

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If you prefer face to face conversation and want to engage with your ambassador in person, you can schedule a one-to-one consultation.


Longer 3-hour single Day sessions

for in- person consultations will help develop your design and ideas further. 


Get sketches and plans

at the end of the session to take forward with your design.

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Design Time can be bought by the hour where we can progress ideas and sketches into a more intent design to make sure the design is how you want your home to work for you.


We provide advice

on how to add value to your home.


We can advise on where to find good builders

and most importantly we can help you to plan for a savvy budget on any alterations you might want to make.

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Package Details

First half an hour video call


In-person Consultations 

£450 / 3h single day session

Each hour video call thereafter


Hourly Design Time

£130 / h

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